If I’m alright
why can’t I feel the pain
wrapped up in a pretty blanket
the sky didn’t fall today

What if I’m a lunatic
with this bag of marbles
and a walking stick
marching on my Neverland
because I lost my fairy dust

Searching for the love I sent
on twenty magic carpet rides
into the dark and hallowed caverns
of your little beating heart

The air is crisp
so words you whisper
holler boldly across the lake
I hear you when you float away
I feel you when you come my way

Sometimes the colours
dull at dusk
but music buys a cape and thrusts
a big bold letter across my chest
brought to you by the letter S

It saves the world from seeing pain
we caused while paying dues and fame
a great big race for Cadillacs
facebook likes and twitter leads

Melodies drown out the thuds
of bodies dropping from tax paid pipes
and then their naked spirits dance
drenched in tears and negligence

Why didn’t we let them
eat cake too
while drawing air to share their dreams
with other kids, and marbles too?

Effortlessly we carry bodies
in empty boxes with velvet linings
but drop the weightless words that feed
the dreams we draw in coloured wax

Jump ropes turn to grids and boundaries
numbers pierce their hopes with data
when we kept drawing chalk line scores
while they were drifting off to sleep

And what of this ransom note
where years past 6 are spent in cells
drop their sticks and pick up swords
lest you be ex-patriots

Don’t let the child in you die
daydreams lead to better lives
skip to work, sing while you pee
leave the chocolate on your face

Not one being should wake to days
where fantasy’s on life support
in exchange for honest wages
in a day or otherwise

Break the glass and pull the chain
the danger lies in staying in
the institutions filled with clocks
and number twos that write for us

Regain your moments of fantasy
take your Harveys out to tea
dance to silence it has a beat
give in to the urge to run

Your inner child is the only cure
for apathy, doubt and confusion
a shift in power is all you need
leave the cynic, take the cookie.