ImageMany of us have special needs children who are overlooked each year for academic awards, despite the fact they may be trying as hard as they can. This school year, I have decided to use the White Phoenix gift idea to award my son for his outstanding efforts. Though we have had some major set backs this year, some his fault and some the schools fault, my son has picked himself up and started over again and again and again. This amazing power of his spirit to keep trying is worth recognizing.

My son, Jacob, will be the first White Phoenix Award recipient. On May 18, 2014, I will hold a small ceremony to recognize his growth and effort. I will award him a White Phoenix Award, along with a small gift.

Do you think your special needs child is overlooked for awards at school?

Want to give your child a White Phoenix Award?

You can!  I have designed an award, using Pages and some awesome royalty free clip art, and uploaded a pdf for all to use!.

1)Download the pdf and print it out on card stock, high quality paper, or even onto blank award paper with a silver border.  The file is located for free here –

2) Write in the name of the recipient and the date to be awarded.

3) Be sure to take a photo of your child getting the award.

4) Post your story on the White Phoenix forum, or email it to me at, -or- if you are comfortable sharing your photo in public, post your photo with a brief story in Instagram tag me in it @TheLauraNadine.

Congratulations to all of the 2014 recipients of the White Phoenix Award and I look forward to reading your stories!