What if we woke at sunset, and bedded down at the rooster’s crow?
What it we lived days lit by moonlight, napping through nights in the warmth of the sun?
Would we all rush to the seaside to get a moon tan?
Would Ray Bans still be in fashion?
When the moon is full would we wear hats to protect our noses from moon burn,
And complain at the New Moon that there’s not enough moonlight?

What if we rushed out to be in the rain?
And huddled under rooftops as the clouds rolled away?
What if we designed our sports for rainstorms?
What if we canceled tournaments for inclement sunshine?
Would we enjoy dancing in the rain?
Would we turn raincoats into suncoats, and shield our eyes from rainbows?

How do you teach a fish to fly?
I ask, why do you need to?
Are there not enough birds in the sky for you?

Some creatures are born into an empire of moonlit villages,
Equipped only to thrive in the sunshine,
Did we throw them away?
Did we cry when we couldn’t see it their way?

The world is ready for a fresh pair of lenses,
Focused on the love of diversity.
Trim off the ragged edges of judgement and hate,
We all cast shadows, we cannot escape.
See me by looking in,
Come close enough to feel me breathe,
You can’t understand the power of the sun, by it’s reflection on the moon.

– Laura Nadine