there’s this bridge I’m looking for
i don’t know the way it goes
but I’m sure it spans the distance 
between our shores

on foot’s the only way
to trek this life, all short cuts wane
no one said that building bridges
was the easy toll to pay

trees they reach to touch the light
though they have no eyes for sight
clean the air and shade our heads
as we eat our daily plight

there’s just one lesson here today
don’t look me down, with words you’ve made
just close your eyes and sing this song
I’ve been writing all along

my shores are blue and yours are gold
my sun is high and your’s is low
i have 3 moons, you just have one
in the sky when work is done
you see two-thousand twinkling stars
looking up from where you are
but cross the bridge and you will see
a million more including me