There’s something about restless nights
late night visions and soul searching
Full moons and planetary alliances
paint crimson the outer rims of sleep

Stumble aimless on the hills
made of blisters from the burns
of unkept promises and half loves
but I never give up the journey

On the very edge of reason
is an echoless canyon
sunken land between two worlds
one of being one of dreaming

Razor cut by life’s river
bled to free me from unknown
the canyon is ever deepened
by fear of the disease

It was there I was leaning
fearless of the edge
the stale air of comfort
wrestled winds of adventure

Yet there upon the edge
of the echoless canyon
I measured out each of my breaths
like little puffs of smoke

And like every stubborn bird
She perched lifeless on my back
62 times the perigee moon
with only her wings to keep me warm

In my final moments calm
just before the warmth of dawn
it was then I fully awoke
as never had I awoke before

Why force to perch
that which was built to soar
not free of burden
but fueled by it

No more shall I simply be
drenched by their sorrow
so I woke the beast on me
and taught my albatross to fly

My grace of wing matters not
that’s the price of disbelief
and now my burden is my flight
for judges score the landing