Snowflakes (2014)

Edited in iMovie. Recorded in Logic Pro. Laura Nadine as Writer, Director, Composer, and Performer. Roles played by my kids Allana Rain (age 16) and Chey Thomas (age 14). Voiceovers by Mukta Cholette, Stefan Rollins, and KCBY.

Snowflakes is an original film showing how a young autistic kid creates a special surprise for his sister who must work late on New Year’s Eve. Confronted with negative sterotypes on autism in the news media, he dismantles the puzzle myth by turning the puzzle piece into a more inclusive symbol of uniqueness and beauty.

Let Me Fall A Legend (2011)

Edited in iMovie. Recorded in Logic Pro. Laura Nadine as writer, Director, and Performer. Music written by Benoit Jutras and James Corcoran and Cirque du Soleil. Performed on violin by Laura Nadine in the style of Josh Groban.

This is part of my presentation when I speak about autism. I wish to show people that strengths may not be immediately visible to those on the outside, but to remain believing in those of us with autism. None of the people features in this video have autism, however they were all doubted by people around them. I feel a kinship to them because of their struggles.

My Violin Cries (2009)

Edited in iMovie. Recorded in GarageBand. Laura Nadine as writer, Director, Composer, Performer, and Actor. Camera Operators were my kids, Allana Rain (age 11) and Chey Thomas (age 9).

Done on a zero dollar budget with a borrowed mini DV camcorder, this film was designed for the Agnes Scott College Film Festival in Dacatur, Georgia, winning Honorable Mention.

Original Description:

Asperger’s is often misunderstood when it comes to passion and empathy. It is a common belief that individuals with Asperger’s lack empathy and the ability to experience human emotion on the broad spectrum which society believes is inherent in the human race. I believe this is a misconception and that individuals with Asperger’s express their passion in unconventional ways. My Violin Cries is a short documentary about my journey through mournful emotions after the loss of my violin teacher and mentor Stefanie Graef Carr. In this film I show how my special interest in music was not only the language I shared with Ms. Stefanie, but in the end the way I cried for her.