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I am Snamuh

My Journey with Autism and the Power it Gave Me

I am Snamuh is a humorous approach to telling what it is like to grow up with autism. Not diagnosed until age 25, Laura tells the story of her experiences without the confines of diagnostic lingo, and how her need for answers drove her to self-adaptation techniques she still uses in adulthood. Laura talks about her journey from Kindergarten to College, living life as Snamuh (Humans spelled backwards), and giving reader’s a rare glimpse into autism in the raw.

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Puzzles for Angie

Just because she can’t speak, doesn’t mean she has nothing to say.

Young Seth Milton has a mom with autism. He has spent most of his young life moving from town to town as his mom struggles to stay employed. After a hard year, Seth and his mom move into his Aunt Martha’s house in Boston where they meet Zac, a nervous young school teacher, and Ms. Angie, a puzzle shop owner. Before long, Seth and Lily find themselves building friendships, falling in love, and unraveling the greatest family legacy.

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Laura Nadine gives an intriguing personal account of how her life, in many ways, has been “backward.” Hence the title word “Snamuh” — “humans” spelled backward. A gifted musician, Nadine gives a humorous-but-gripping account of her struggle with Asperger’s, how she used music to overcome communication barriers. “When I played the violin, it was the only language I could speak clearly and without offense to others.” The true brilliance of this book is the author’s ability to observe herself.A great read for anyone interested in Asperger’s in particular and the human brain in general.

Richard White

I loved this book! After hearing Laura Nadine speak at an Autism Conference I wanted to know more about her and her life. This is a wonderful glimpse into the life of a person with Asperger’s Syndrome. I am adding it to my list of must reads.

Courtney Bernardo

Laura is diagnosed in her late 20’s with Aspergers (AS) at the same time her son receives the same diagnosis. This book is her account of her early years undiagnosed and how her diagnosis liberates her. Her struggle to relate to her peers/family is depicted honestly and beautifully. Her awakening after disgnosis is uplifting.
She offers great insight into the mind of these brilliant/compassionate individuals disgnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. I highly recommend the book to anyone who knows someone with AS or who has AS.


From the very first pages, Laura Nadine’s chronicle of her experiences growing up with Asperger’s is compellingly written. Laura’s insight — and her keen sense of humor — make this book as delightful as it is penetrating.

deborah french

Interesting and inspiring biography. The author is very generous and shares intimate and emotional memories with the readers. A great way to understand the struggles on someone dealing with Asperger’s.

Mukta Cholette

Interesting book.
Gave me insight into my son who is 21 and has autism

Jim M

Courageous and inspiring journey into the life of one “gifted” with Asperger’s. Laura Nadine should be an inspiration to all of us “sidekicks.”


It was my pleasure once again to see Laura Nadine and learn more about her life at a recent Autism Academy. Her book is insightful, humorous at times and is a very easy read!! I recommend this book to all educators!!!