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Celebrating the Holidays with Autism

On a personal note

Life has an amazing way of throwing us head first into deep waters, despite our every effort to cling to comfort.

Yet, it is important to note that falling is an unavoidable part of learning. In fact, stunt actors, martial artists, and skaters often spend time in their training learning how to fall so as to protect themselves from injury. They are not taught to avoid falling, but rather to embrace that it is a natural part of learning.

With a late life diagnosis of autism, I did not benefit from the myriad of tools we have today to help us adapt, which meant I fell often, and hit the bottom hard. As an advocate, parent, and teacher, I have tested many of the  interventions available to autistic people. As an advocate, I now blend the art of falling with modern accomodations to give families the best hope for a path forward to joy filled life with autism.

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